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. we'll have more on the shutdown from london and iceland, coming up on "good morning america." >>> there's good news this morning for the hundreds of thousands whose unemployment benefits have run out. president obama signed a bill restoring those benefits. those who were getting checks can reapply and get the money they missed retroactively. >>> republicans say that unemployment bill adds $18 billion to the deficit. deficit and government spending were the subject of rallies of tea parties around the country. there were rallies demanding strict fiscal policies and an end to what some called gangster government. jonathan karl went to the rally in washington. >> reporter: they came to washington, angry about president obama's policies, to be sure. but also angry at the way they've been portrayed. >> we've been called racist. >> don't -- we've been called a lot of things we're not. >> the only thing we want is obama to be more conscious with our money and not be wasteful. that's it. doesn't make us racist. >> reporter: many of them blamed us, the news media. >> you know what, b
for america's future in space. >> his plan is a major revision of previous policy and is already drawing criticism from some of the nation's past heroes in space. t.j. winick joins us from washington with details. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. under the president's plan, nasa will encourage private companies to build their own spaceships to ferry astronauts to the international space station. under the bush administration, nasa's goal was to send an american astronaut to the moon for a seventh time. the obama administration wants, instead, focus on getting to mars. today, in cape canaveral, florida, at the kennedy space center, the president will unveil his plan to take nasa in a new direction. >> what the president will outline represents our best opportunity and our best effort to get this agency and program back on pace to put astronauts and rockets into space, as the president so strongly desires. >> reporter: while famed astronaut neil armstrong has publicly criticized the president's plan, another space pioneer, buzz aldrin, supports the changes. >> i totall
have a live update coming up on "good morning america." >>> a developing story from pakistan, a suspected suicide bomber targeted a political rally in the northwest part of the country. the blast killedearly two dozen people and wounded more than 100 more. >>> the latest suicide bombings in baghdad are raising concerns that terrorists are on a mission. porn 40 people were killed in the coordinated easter sunday attack. iraqi authorities say the death toll would have been higher but they managed to foil two other attacks by spping vehicles and defusing the explosive. s. >>> in china, totally miraculous scenes as more than 100 miners were pull out a mine shaft this more than. we were inadvertently dug into an abandoned mine. res xuers heard the men tapping underground. >>> well, pope benedict will spend the next few days resting in his retreat after the growing pedophile priest crisis nearly overshadow holy war. breaking with tradition, the dean of the college of cardinals addressed the pope directly, dismissing the criticism against him as, quote, petty gossip. but a victims'
are there this morning. we'll have the latest coming up on "good morning america." >>> there has been another bizarre attack on children in china this morning. the third this week. a man attacked a group of kindergarten students with a hammer in eastern china. five children were injured. and then, he poured gasoline over his body and lit himself on fire. it was the fifth attack on schoolchildren in the last month. >>> a mine collapse in western kentucky has taken the lives of two miners. the men were found dead yet, about four miles from the surface. the mine where they were working has a long history of safety problems. it's been cited 840 times since january 2009. during that time, portions of the mine have been closed 11 times. >>> and in west virginia, the owners of the coal mine where 29 men died earlier this month, are offering each family a $3 million cash settlement. massey energy has also offered them a large insurance payout, family health coverage, and college payments for children. the families say taking the money will not bar them from legal action. >>> we know of president obama's firs
. one was aerch offered a job to stay in the lone star state. and coming up on "good morning america," live updates from iceland, london, more tales from right here in the u.s. of people living at the airport. >>> now to the other big story this morning, toyota is about to agree to pay a record fine. it stems from the companies's failure in the right way about his gas pedals. t.j. winick has details. >> reporter: according to the federal government, toyota knew about the problem about sudden acceleration and sticky pedals in 2009, but it waited until january of this year to tell regulates. later today, auto giant will agreed to pay a $6.4 million fine. the maximum penalty allowed. >> i think this is another black eye for toyota because it shows that the company didn't care about safety, that it covered up the issue in the united states. >> reporter: while toyota is likely to say they admit no wrongdoing, according to a senior transportation official, by paying the full civil penalty, tot is accepting the responsibility for hiding the safety defect in violation of the law. >> toyota w
by and waiting. >> lama hasan in london this morning. thanks, lama. >>> later on "good morning america," we take a closer look at whether there is still a doing from that big volcano. >>> back here at home, big banks are gearing up for a battle over more government regulation. president obama and congressional lawmakers appear close to an agreement on a bill that would regulate the financial industry. t.j. winick is joining us from washington with the latest. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning. the president is determined to pass financial reform. and we're seeing the battle take shape on wall street and on capitol hill. when it comes to pushing financial reforms for wall street, the president sounds ready for a showdown. >> what we've seen is an army of industry lobbyists, from wall street, descending on capitol hill. if these folks want a fight, it's a fight i'm ready to have. >> reporter: the white house is focused on derivatives. essentially bets between power players on wall street and around the world, whether certain businesses will succeed or fail. >> part of what led to this c
believe my product was proper. >> reporter: in an interview to air on "good morning america," blankfein refused to say that goldman is being singled out. >> we surely aren't the only financial firm. and i think, in most of these markets, we were not the largest or even a large participant, compared to others. so, i can wish that the focus wasn't so disproportionately on us. but i'm not making any claims of unfairness. >> reporter: democrats had hoped that hearing would help them move ahead with financial reform. but with no republican support right now, the gop blocked a vote in the senate for the second-straight day. jeremy and vinita? >> all right. t.j. winick in washington. thanks. >>> and we'll have more from claire shipman's interview with lloyd blankfein later on "good morning america." >>> some politics now. our new poll must caused some serious concern for members of congress. 57% of voters we asked said they will look around for someone else to vote for in november. that's the lowest level of incumbent support since 1994. asked what party they will support in the fall. 48% say
to ratify this agreement, a tough task for both men. the president told "good morning america's" george stephanopoulos that fewer nuclear weapons will boost national security. >> i will also say to those in the senate who have questions, is that, this is absolutely vital for us to deal with the broader issues of nuclear proliferation, that are probably the number one threat >> reporter: beyond their own arms reductions, the two presidents are getting closer to a multilateral agreement on sanctions to keep nuclear weapons out of iran. that issue will be front and center next week when the two presidents, along with the leaders of 45 countries, meet for the nuclear summit in washington. now, late last night the president got word that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will not be attending his summit. he is sending his dipty in his place. that's a big blow to the president and analysts say it could signal a growing rift between america and israel. vinita? >>> sarah palin is blasting the president for signing that treaty with russia. palin said no administration in american history
. and a hot 91 in phoenix. >>> and just ahead on "america this morning," the white house chief of staff admits he's got his eyes on another job. >>> plus, new details on the attack that put data for millions of google users into the hands of hackers. >>> and nature's fury. our reporter travels to the top of that iceland volcano. >>> welcome back. overseas stock markets are rebounding this morning. tokyo's nikkei average closed lower but only slightly. hong kong's hang seng rose more than 200 points. in london, the ftse opened higher. the dow gained 73 points on monday. and the nasdaq lost one point. >>> general motors is expected to make good on a promise to fully repay the $6.7 billion loan funded by u.s. taxpayers. gm's ceo is expected to make the details public tomorrow, during a visit to a plant in kansas city. gm has already made two $1 billion payments and promised to have the entire government loan paid off before the end of june. >>> toyota is recalling its lexus gx 460 suv to fix those stability control problems. that is the model consumer reports warned consumers not to buy two weeks
later on "good morning america." >>> moving overseas now. on the indonesian island of sumatra, things got off to a shaky start, thanks to a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. power was lost close to the quake's epicenter. and a brief tsunami warning went into effect. luckily only minor injuries and minimal damage was reported. >>> there's speculation this morning by at least one person, that afghan president hamid karzai may be taking illegal drugs. that comes from the u.s. diplomat of the u.n. mission in afghanistan. karzai has drawn criticism after a string of controversial comments. the white house yesterday threatened to cancel next month's scheduled visit with the president, unless karzai curbs his statements. >>> president obama leaves for prague today, where he will sign a landmark nuclear trey with russia. going forward, the president says the u.s. is scaling back on nuclear weapons. and perhaps the most controversial part of his plan, a promise not to use nuclear weapons against countries that don't have them. but the white house insists the new policy won't make america any less safe
'm jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm stephanie sy in for vinita nair. >>> it is census day in america when every household is reminded to return their forms before census workers come knocking on your door. >> more than half of the forms have already been returned but that means a lot of counting yet to be done. t.j. winick has details from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and stephanie 48% of forms have not been returned so the president set an example filling out his form counting his wife and daughters plus his mother-in-law who also lives at the white house. the $15 billion census program is meant to get an accurate count of the nation's population and its racial makeup among other data. starting next month a census worker will visit each address that got a form but didn't mail it back, a time consuming but important step becse the census doesn't just determine the number of representatives in congress it also determines how federal dollars are spent. >> it's been estimated that something like $1400 per person is at stake. so, you know, add up the number of the peo
america." >>> in other news, president obama unveils a new policy on nuclear weapons today. it reduces america's nuclear arsenal and limits when they could be used. mr. obama's policy announcement is the first in a series of events aimed at reducing nuclear weapons worldwide. thursday, he signs a new arms treaty with russia. next week, he hosts a major nuclear summit in washington. >>> a senior military official confirms that a battle video posted on the internet is authentic. the cockpit video shows a helicopter firing repeatedly on people in a baghdad street during the height of the insurgency, in 2007. 12 people were killed, including a reuters news photographer. yesterday, the pentagon released its report on that incident. >>> in pakistan this morning, security is especially tight around the u.s. consulate in peshawar. that's where militants detonated three truck bombs outside the gates. and five militants fired into the compound with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons until they were killed. today, there is evidence of the attack everywhere, including rubble and damag
morning america." sam champion reports from the gulf coast. >>> on capitol hill today, financial reform takes a vint step closer to reality. the senate begins debate on a sweeping, new law, three days after its sponsors first tried to bring it to the floor. steven portnoy has the story. >> reporter: vehicling to reporters on air force one, president obama hailed the movement on financial regulatory reform. >> it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: for three-straight days, every senate republican, and one democrat, voted to block the bill from even coming up for debate. >> we have to get to this bill. negotiations are like the world turns, that soap opera. they're never going to end, until we get on this bill. >> reporter: faced with a threat of recession that would have kept on on the floor all night, republicans agreed to end the black cade. now, they plan to force charges. >> americans want a number of things in this bill fixed. and they want more than verbal assurances. >> reporter: republicans want to strip out key provisions, including a fund to wind down failing firms. and democ
it for this espn news update, remember, you can always stay current with espn news. now back to abc's "america this morning." >>> well, humankind shouldn't rush through the welcome mat, but e.t. comes knocking. >> world famous astrophysicalist search hawkly says, take more independence day the dangerous nomad looking to conjure. >> hawking compares them to christopher columbus' arrival which he says didn't fare very well. the documentary airs on the discovery channel. that's the theory at least. >> i believe they could be out there. >>> coming up next, the stories we're following today, including the enormous recovery jobs for people in mississippi. >>> and baseball's best visit 1600 pennsylvania avenue. sneezing ] day after day, allergy season drags on. oh, how many days are you going to suffer? nasonex is the only prescription that's proven to help prevent most seasonal nasal allergy symptoms, including congestion, so you can have more symptom-free days. [ female announcer ] side effects were generally mild and included headache, viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds and coughing. it does
to sacramento. >>> ahead on "america this morning," international outrage after an american mother sends her adopted son back to russia alone. now, it could prevent other ericans from adoption. >>> and a frantic rescue as rising floodwaters carry a w >>> it c >>> it could be a big week on wall street. first quarter corpate earnings reports begin to come out today with google, intel and jpmorgan chase among them. it could spur the stock market to i seventh week of gains. the dow briefly touched the 11,000 mark on friday for the first time in a year and a half. and that high water mark could boost retail confidence. >> people pay attention to these big round numbers and that has the potential to bring retail investors back in the game. a lot of rally so far has been driven by big institutions but if mom and pops get into it, that could bring the dow higher still. >> as good as the market rally is, it's still 20% off the record high back in 2007. it's time for market activity. tokyo's nikkei average rose 47 points today. hong kong's hang seng fell 70. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall s
from the treasury secretary, coming up later on "good morning america." >>> a just-released poll shows the public continues to be divided about the new health care law. the kaiser family foundation finds 46% of americans have a favorable opinion of the law. 40%, unfavorable. as for how the law makes us feel, 55% said confused. 45% said pleased. and 30% say they're angry about it. >>> airlines estimate their losses will top $2 billion from the week-long shutdown due to the iceland volcano. an industry group called the fallout worse than the shutdown after the 9/11 attacks. about 80% of flights have been operating at major european airports today. >>> rivers bubbling with chemicals and smog-choked skies prompted the first earth day 40 years ago. since then, new laws and cleaner technology have caused smog levels to drop about 25% nationwide. and lead levels are down about 90%. now, experts say the problems are unseen, like carbon dioxide levels increasing by 19%. >>> and on this earth day, spectacular, chris cal-clear images from the surface of the sun. >> they're the first images from n
to help homeowners isn't working. >>> and offcourse. legends of america's space prom is criticizing the president, saying new plans for nasa would be devastating to the nation. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. we begin this morning with breaking news from china, where hundreds are dead after a series of strong earthquakes. >> the largest quake struck a remote area of china's qinghai province, not far from tibet. clarissa ward joins us from china this morning. good morning, clarisa. >> reporter: officials are concerned that the death toll could rise above the 300 where it currently stands. many are buried beneath their houses. the first quake took place at 7:49 a.m., when most people are still in their homes. it was followed by three, strong aftershocks. the largest was a magnitude of 6.3. and in the town near the epicenter, there are reports that 85% of buildings are down. we heard off of the state broadcaster here, an interview with the police official on the ground. he said he was in a school compound. and there were students buried under the rubble. and they were d
sweetener. [ male announcer ] savory. fluffy. yummy. sweet! [ female announcer ] splenda®. america's favorite no calorie sweetener. >>> well, overseas stock markets are mixed to close out the week. tokyo's nikkei average fell 0.3% today. hong kong's hang seng is lower. in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow added nine points yesterday. the nasdaq gained 14 points. >>> a couple of technology giants could weigh on wall street today. investors were apparently hoping for more from microsoft. the company's stock fell in extended trading, despite a strong quarter. microsoft's profit jumped 35% from last year. the newest version of windows drove sales. as companies spent more on new computers. >>> and shares of amazon are set to tumble after a disappointing sales forecast for the current quarter. but sales did jump more than 70% for the first three months of this year, as consumers started spending more. the company is sending more electronics and general merchandise, in media, such as books and movies. >>> a report out this morning is expected to show sales of new hom
, america's health crisis. three, dangerous conditions that half of us already have. >>> then, the giant lawsuit looming for walmart, accused of holding a million women back on pay and promotions. >>> and new video just on lawmakers damaging eggs and smoke bombs, earlier this morning. >>> the world's largest retailer, walmart, says it is ready to appeal a long-running discrimination lawsuit to the supreme court. a federal court yesterday cleared the way for the class-action suit to move forward. walmart is charged with paying women less than men to do the same jobs. and with passing over women to in order to promote men. the case was originally filed nine years ago. >> i am absolutely ecstatic about today's ruling. we have worked very hard to get as far as we have. >> and i can't imagine a beinger message being sent to big employers and employers overall. they can be held accountable. the laws apply to them. they are not too big to be held responsible. >> the company says, quote, walmart is an excellent place for women to work. and fosters female leadership among our associates and the l
on "america this morning," why a police officer 10-year-old.gun on a >>> plus, newborn twins with birthdays a week apart. and arizona's infamous sheriff birthdays a week apart. and arizona's infamous sheriff with a new way to make his >>> up, up and away. american astronaut tracy caldwell dyson is on her way to the international space station along with two russian cosmonauts. they lifted off in a russian rocket and should rendezvous with the space station sunday and will be in space until september. >>> well now for a look at morning road conditions. there could be thunderstorms on i-35 from kansas city to dallas. i-90 from rapid city to sioux falls could see snow and rain. from seattle to san francisco, it may be rainy and i-90 from seattle to spokane could be snow covered and if you're flying today expect airport delays in seattle, san francisco, kansas city, dallas and houston. >>> well, police in new mexico are looking into how human body parts donated to science including heads and torsoes ended up in the wrong hands. the uesome discovery is causing considerable anguish. >
and st lake city. phoenix will hit 77. and sacramento is 65. >>> coming up on "america this morning," a new look at what caused the biggest bank collapse in history. >>> then, quarterback ben roethlisberger escapes criminal charges. but not the wrath of one prosecutor, who tells him to grow up. >>> and a surprise from conan o'brien, on his return to late night. >>> wall street's 11,000-level milestone doesn't seem to be exciting investors overseas this morning. tokyo's nikkei average and hong kong's hang seng were both down. in london, the ftse also opened lower. wall street starts the day with the dow jones industrial average at 11,006, after yesterday's small increase. the nasdaq was also up. >>> today, congress will hear from executives of washington mutual, the biggest bank to fail in history. senate failed to stop the deceptive practices. the documents show loan officers were rewarded for the volume and speed of subprime mortgages they sold. >>> twitter rolls out a moneymaking advertising prom today. new, promoted tweets will appear when users search certain key words. they wil
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with the president, later on "good morning america." >>> anthings are more calm this morning in the former cove yet republic of kyrgystan, home to an parent u.s. air base. opposition leaders announced overnight that they have taken control of the country's government. this follows angry clashes between police and protesters that left at least 68 people dead. the new leaders say they will allow a u.s. military base to continue operating there. >>> in afghanistan, a new video, possibly from a taliban, shows a captured american soldier condemning the war. in the seven-minute recording, army private beau bergdahl says -- was shown exercising. >>> in philadehia, the american woman known as jihad jame has pleaded not guilty to providing support to terrorists. he is al accused of attending a terror-training camp. colleen ramirez is one of two women charged in the case. >>> severe weather has caused damage in northeastern arkans. a subway sandwich shop had its front door blown out. mobile homes were also turned over and damaged in the town of marmaduke. 80% of that town was destroyed in 2006 by a similar s
and salt lake city. phoenix will hit 77. and sacramento is 65. >>> coming up on "america this morning," a new look at what caused the biggest bank collapse in history. >>> then, quarterback ben roethlisberger escapes criminal charges. but not the wrath of one prosecutor, who tells him to grow up. >>> and a surprise from conan o'brien, on his return to late night. welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know, with progressive, you get the option to name your price. is that even possible? uh, absolutely. trade? and i still get great service? more like super great. oh, you have a message. "hello." calculator humor. i'll be here all week. i will -- that was my schedule. the freedom to name your price. now, that's progressive. call or click today. for the first time, discover exotic fragrances... and rich moisture from aveeno, the naturals brand dermatologists trust most. introducing positively nourishing moisturizers. with active naturals, they're clinically tested... to lock in moisture for 24 hours. now, skin can be soft and beauti
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Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)